Akshay Rane

Quiet and calm, creative and smart are the adjectives that can be used to describe our Seedha Sadha Akshay. But, this quiet guy takes no time to metamorphose into a grammar nazi if he comes across poor grammar or even typos, for that matter. His perfectionist approach to content writing and promoting content comes from his extensive digital experience as a Senior Copywriter with Rediff.com.

With a Master’s degree in Advertising and PR and a specialization in Copywriting, Akshay is a complete package handling internal and client deliverables of Social Central with aplomb. Writing is his hobby, passion and profession, while movies are his life and music his soul. This is the secret to Akshay’s creativity and eloquence that’s submerged under a quiet exterior. So, don’t be too quick to judge him. With a go-getter attitude and a smile that never leaves his face, Akshay’s blood group is his motto in life—B positive.

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