Latika Mukadam

Sweet, sensitive, loving and all things happy…That’s not her until you get in her good books. Latika, just like her name is a rare phenomenal and a great team leader.  A diligent worker, who is headstrong and blunt; she might rub you the wrong way due to her perfectionist approach. But, under that tough exterior is a sensitive soul with a selfless attitude-her friends can vouch for that. She has mastered Photoshop, Corel Draw and Illustrator and developed a Midas touch when it comes to deliverables.

She has the uncanny ability to turn any design into gold. A self-confessed non-alcoholic, she believes in getting high on life. This talent house loves painting, photography and travelling, so much that there are times when she travels to and fro from Alibaug to office. Her fondness for the sea and the marine life can sometimes go so far that once she flicked a Siamese fighting fish from office. Of course, that was in good faith and she kept it as a pet! Or did she?

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