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Pravin Sankpal

In order to make things extraordinary or remarkable, and contrary to the mundane, a tinge of creativity is essential. Pravin Sankpal, the Head Graphic Designer at Social Central adds just this unique element to the company and adds the interesting ingredient. Previously he has worked as Head Designer, Anchor, Reporter, DOP, Video Journalist, VO artist, Anti-Piracy Officer. This clearly demonstrates his versatile personality and creativity.

In every field where he has worked, he has been admired by his teammates and here at Social Central, he is looked up to as a mentor and guide. He has a positive approach to every situation and works towards the company target with diligence. His other interests lie in being a Vaastu Consultant and a Reki Healer. He is known for his light heartedness and his unique sense of humour. He has lent his expertise to Social Central adds. Not only is he great at his own job, but inspires his juniors and newcomers as well to be focused and work with fervour. He, therefore, contributes to a very pleasant work atmosphere with dedication to his job, a never say no attitude and his cheerful attributes.

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